Lupe Fiasco | SLR 2

it’s hard being a lupe fan
gonto harvard to be a lupe stan

portland —>

i don’t tell you what you need to know…i tell you what you need to grow.

have we done too much
‘cause you know all the so-and-so and the such-and-such
and you my iron heart’s all rusted up
but live clean so we don’t end up dust to dust
but you killin it -looking like death in that dress and i’m about ready to dance with the devil- i can cut a rug
like the urban version of a persian, take a flick to preserve it but the shutter’s stuck
so our memory banks are wells fargo
priceless memories, telling odd jokes
go with the flow, no, they couldn’t sail our boat
love’s a trip, i fell hard though slipped on ‘em as soon as i lost my marbles this the type of thing you only read in novels i’m the type of you you only see at art shows in soho smoking on a marlboro

in real life i think i’m mowgli.

painting stupas…

that one time i became buddhist…

canadian cash..eh.


i always wonder what type of medieval shit marcellus wallace did to zed?

my fuckin throne.

“she scared the shit out of me, and I didn’t scare her at all. that’s why we worked. but then i wasn’t afraid anymore…and i think that scared her more than anything.”
— me

cliche front-of-the-boat-like-jack-from-titanic pic.

oh, canada.
downtown vancouver, british columbia

i don’t fear death…

no, i don’t fear death at all, but i fear how those who love me will react if i die. how crazy is that?